Winch Servicing – Hamble ,UK

//Winch Servicing – Hamble ,UK

Winch Servicing – Hamble ,UK

Winch Servicing – Hamble, UK

AM Marine are specialists in Winch Servicing – Hamble, UK. We cover all the major winch brands – Harken, Lewmar, Anderson, Antal.

For cruising boats we recommend servicing your winches at least once per year. Race yachts should be serviced regularly spending on frequency of racing.

We provide fixed price winch servicing within the Hamble area

Why Service your winches?

Winches are a critical element of deck hardware onboard a yacht, providing all the power required to adjust sails and rigging. Winches are completecated pieces of equipment and can be dangerous if  not checked regularly. They often hold tonnes of load and this can cause serious injury if released unexpectedly.

What should you check during a winch service

  • Check for corrosion
  • Check for worn gears
  • Check Pawls + Springs
  • Check for deformation of base and housing castings
  • Check drum teeth for wear
  • Check for proper installation through deck

Common Winch Problems

Does your winch have any of these problems? It’s time for a service!

  • Poor performance
  • Slow free spin of drum
  • Grinding noises
  • Backwinding under load
  • Drum locked up

What does a winch service involve?

  1. Attend yacht + break down winches
  2. Return winches to our clean workshop environment
  3. Fully degrease all parts
  4. Carefully check every component for deformation, cracking or general wear and tear
  5. Report any parts requiring replacement
  6. Replace pawl springs
  7. Regrease all components
  8. Return Winches to boat + re-build winch
  9. Test Winch – Free spin + both gears
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