J111 Sailmon Installation

//J111 Sailmon Installation

J111 Sailmon Installation

J111 Sailmon Installation 

Over winter 18/19 we were asked to help improve an electronics system onboard a J111 in the Hamble area.

The boat was experiencing difficulty with calibration and reliability of data.

The sailmon E4 provides a unique approach to marine electronics. The main benefits being that is works with sensors from all brands!

System Spec

  • Sailmon E4 Silver Processor
  • Airmar DX900 Speed and Depth Sensor
  • B&G VMHU wind sensor
  • Sailmon Wind box

The Sailmon E4 allowed us to integrate all the existing sensors including:

  • Garmin GNX Mast displays (sailmon can configure custom garmin channels)
  • Simrad RC42 Compass
  • B&G Plotter
  • B&G Pilot

See some of the great features of Sailmon below

Sailmon Screen View

Sailmon Screen view allows data to be configured and displayed on an array of devices such as iPad, iPhone and Mac. The Screens can be configured for a number of different display formats – Wind Graphs, Analog Dials, Digital Numbers etc.


Sailmon is compatible with almost any sensor or device on a network. Here are some Garmin GNX mast displays with Sailmon data displayed. We added custom garmin channels such a Heel angle for this project.

The Sailmon wind box allowed us to integrate a B&G VMHU wind sensor into the NMEA 2000 Network and configure using the Sailmon E4 processor.


Nav desk for iPad or PC/Mac allows for super easy calibration of data. The Nav Desk interface is a simple and intuitive platform. Here is the Sailmon depth calibration screen.


Sailmon E4 Processor


Find out more about sailmon at https://sailmon.com

or contact us for more information


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