Spray Antifouling – Hamble, UK

//Spray Antifouling – Hamble, UK

Spray Antifouling – Hamble, UK

Spray Antifouling – Hamble,UK

AM Marine are experts in spray antifouling ,Hamble. Are you looking for a race antifouling finish? Spray antifouling is but far the best method for a fast bottom finish.

We use our tried and tested Nautix A4 paint system. The system has an excellent finish off the gun and also provides exceptional antifouling performance for a Hard matrix antifoul.

Often antifouling is wet sanded to remove orange peel and roller lines, however this removes the top layer of antifouling which is arguably the most important. Nautix A4 has a teflon additive for best speed and antifouling performance, wet sanding through the top layer removes some of this performance. Choose a spray antifoul finish to retain all the antifouling properties but with the smoothest finish.

We can carry out spray antifouling in the boat yard with the mast in place.

Contact us at info@am-marine.co.uk to find out more


Temporary Spray Booth

Off the gun spray antifouling finish

Keel Shoe Filled, Faired and Sprayed

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